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Case Studies or Customer Stories = Compelling & Magnetic Content

21 Pointers to Sharpen Your Website: Part 13

A good portion of online marketing advice from “21 Pointers to Sharpen Your Website” focuses on taking advantage of newer tactics. But not all of it. Case it point: case studies or customer success stories. I’ve been creating them for 20 years or so. They’re old school.

That said, from old school teachings, in marketing, or in any profession really, we are reminded of the importance of fundamentals. The case study or customer story is as old school as can be, but remains a fundamental component of the sales and marketing mix that has only grown more important and effective in this connected era where new media savvy companies publish a steady stream of content.

We’ll have a look at why to publish them, do a quick study of how, and toss around some “how not” wisdom to help you successfully make this age-old content marketing strategy a part of your big picture.