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Effective Email Marketing Strategy: Insights from an Expert

Barry Feldman: October 17, 2014 | Email marketing & lead nurturing | 6 Comments »

Hunter Boyle email expertWant to get a better grasp of effective email marketing strategy? Meet one of the foremost experts in the email business.

Hunter Boyle knows how to make email marketing pay. Senior business development manager at email marketing powerhouse, AWeber, Hunter’s skilled at showing you exactly what does and doesn’t work. He does so fearlessly and with a sense of humor.

I found myself leaning into Hunter’s session at Conversion Conference San Francisco because he made so much sense. Then I asked him to do an interview to help make you a better email marketer.

First, I asked if the two primary purposes of email marketing—lead nurturing and conversion—are they two different things.

“Conversion is any type of event that makes an agreement between two sides,” he said. He cited many examples: visiting a site, downloading something, submitting information, signing up for a free trial or beta, and of course, making a purchase.

“Lead generation, as a process, is a little bit different. The goal is very similar. The goal with lead nurturing is to bring people along from prospect to customer to get the ultimate conversion. However, there can be many conversions along the way throughout lead nurturing—before making an actual payment or a purchase decision,” Hunter said.

Email often fails to wow.

When I asked Hunter to get into why emails fail to engage recipients, he said, “The short version is they just suck for whatever reason. It could be very bland subject lines. It could be uninspiring copy. It could be a design that looks shoddy, or a topic that is way off base.”

“If you have some sense of what your audience wants to read, then you should get it into a format that’s going to engage them. The entire piece needs to stand out in a very crowded inbox. It needs to get enough attention and deliver excitement so it compels action and leads to the next conversion step.” Get to the point >>