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How a Food Company with No Huevos is Shaking Things Up Online

Hampton Creek

You’ll find no About Us page on the Hampton Creek website. There’s no blog. No pop-up interrupts your visit insisting you share your email address.

Their home page doesn’t even have a headline. I’m not kidding.

home page


The company sells food, but their home page doesn’t feature a single photo.

What does their home page offer? Just a few links. Just a manifesto. Just three product teasers: Just Mayo, Just Cookie Dough, and Just Cookies.

Just what?

Just balls. Not huevos—balls. Courage. Bravado. See, they make mayo, “Just Mayo,” without eggs. Zero cholesterol. Zero carbs.

They say eating well should be easy.

They say they’re leading a movement to fundamentally change the world.

They also say they’ve created the fastest-growing food company on earth.

And as for marketing… what say these forerunners of sustainable food?

They say, “Dear ______________. “ (Pictured above.) The fine print says, “Click here to explore our open letters in the New York Times.” When you do so, you’re served links to their minimalistic, but brash ads—nine letters written by CEO and founder Josh Tetrick.



21 Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business Budgets [Infographic]

21 video marketing ideas

Your customers want to see what you’ve got. Not just what you sell, but who you are, how you think, what advice you have to lend. In other words, they want video.

If you’re a small business marketer, you might think video is out of bounds. It’s not. Video is perfectly doable for any size business in any field. And its advantages are huge.

  • Videos appeal to people with short attention spans (everybody).
  • Videos are a fun, easy medium to consume.
  • Our brains are wired to respond to the human face, voice, and eye contact.
  • Video can keep you captivated. People skim long written works, but tend to stay focused on what they see on-screen.
  • Videos have proven to increase trust. A brand can come off as more human and sincere.
  • Video on your website and blog looks professional (or it least it can).

“If you’re not experimenting with video,
you’re simply sitting on the sidelines watching the big game unfold.” 

~ Me
(Quoted in an
Entrepreneur article by Ann Handley)

In the post, Ann wrote:

“There has never been a better time to think about how you can make video a bigger part of your online marketing strategy.”

“Facebook is advancing aggressively into video (giving YouTube a run for its money as the top platform). Newer live-streaming platforms like Periscope (owned by Twitter) and Meerkat are finding traction, allowing users to effortlessly integrate video into social media. And the video tools and apps on your smartphone allow you to tote what’s practically a full production studio right in your purse or pocket.”

How will your business benefit from video marketing?



Eye-Popping, Reader-Stopping, Social Media-Rocking Visual Marketing

Eye Popping Visual Marketing

Presenting Visual Strategies for Smart Content Marketing

It’s often said, a picture is worth a thousand words.

But are they worth a thousand bucks? They can be because they start conversations. They attract attention. Pictures help you tell stories. They stop web surfers and turn them into readers, which is often a crucial first step toward winning a customer.

In this age of information overload the competition is fierce and the noise level is immeasurable. Getting you to read this article is a major feat. I’ve done something right.

We’re human. Our ability to take in information may be large, but it’s limited. Our attention spans are short and getting shorter.

As marketers, our first and most pressing goal is to get noticed. The challenge then evolves to keeping the reader’s interest for a short spell and making some sort of connection during the brief moment in time.

This decade’s seen explosive popularity of image-centric social channels like Instagram and Pinterest. Every social media network not considered to be visually magnetic is moving fast to overcome the problem.

And every marketer who hasn’t yet mastered the nuances of visual marketing needs to get on it. If you’re not acing the aesthetic parts of content marketing, you can expect to see your audience engaging with companies that are.

Your content needs to feature photos, images, and visuals that woo and wow. I’m hoping the rest of this post will help you understand how get it done effectively.



Personal Branding Strategy: Make Guest Blogging Pay

Guest blogging

You rarely hear stories of people who get involved in social media and content marketing—and boom—their personal brand takes off. It may be the dream, but it’s seldom the reality.

I wonder… Are you taking guest blogging seriously? I’m going to shed some light on someone who made guest blogging a high priority and benefited from it nicely.

Yes, that someone is me, but I’m not aiming to glorify what I’ve done. I want to show and tell you why it’s worked, and how, so you can work toward getting similar results.

B is for blogging

The story traces to an infographic I conceived, The Complete A to Z Guide to Personal Branding. With the help of my collaborator, Seth Price, who is an amazing study in personal branding, the infographic became a smash hit.

Seth and I wrote posts—featuring the infographic—for several prominent blogs, and enjoyed seeing it go insanely viral. [I just did a search using the name of the infographic and it dominated the first 12 pages of the Google search results.] Months later, Buffer’s Kevan Lee wrote a post for Entrepreneur highlighting the ideas the graphic contains.

Thanks to media coverage such as that, it was shared hundreds of thousands of times and generated mountains of backlinks for us. And then it generated opportunities.

I should add, we nurtured that baby with a SlideShare presentation. Then came interview requests… podcasts and videos. I did a webinar on it. I was invited to present the content at a few conferences.

Same deal for Seth. In fact, the momentum of our “guide” played a part in inspiring Seth to create a spectacular personal website about personal branding. We’re working on another project related to it too, a big one, we hope. (Here’s Seth and I talking about our baby…) (more…)


Content Marketers, Go Deep or Go Away

An Interview with Deana Goldasich

(Plus… The Mighty “Mad Dash,” My Favorite Post of 2014)

My favorite post of 2014 was written by my friend Deana Goldasich (@goldasich), CEO of WellPlannedWeb, specialists in content solutions exclusively for thought leaders. Actually, Deana and I were just pen pals. We had met a few years back at Content Marketing World. Our conversations in the past had been about Rick Springfield and Jelly Belly candy.

But then she penned this mighty manifesto. Deana came out swinging with a message that said, in no uncertain terms, if you want to succeed with content marketing you have to create ultra-meaningful content. You have to lock eyes with the audience. You have to go far past good.

She said those racing to create content in quantity create poop. She really did. You’ll see.

Deana’s post resonated with me so much I had to ask for an interview. She agreed. So I have for you here, not only the post of the year, but a fun and informative 25 minutes with Deana. Watch. Read. Enjoy. And make 2015 the year you go deep.

Here’s the post in its entirely, republished by permission.

Why the “Mad Dash” to Content is Coming to an End

Post image for Why the “Mad Dash” to Content is Coming to an End

It’s no secret that Content Marketing has been the “mad-dash marketing” theme in recent years. For good reason. Content Marketing works when done right — especially for B2B marketers looking to help prospects research a complex product or service. But, word got out and we humans tend to spread (and tweak) any promises of instant profit like wildfire. (more…)


Talking Guest Blogging and Email Marketing with Adam Franklin [Video]

I was recently interviewed by Adam Franklin of Blue Wire Media. It was a great conversation where I shared some of my experiences with landing guest posts on authority sites, calls to action and email marketing.



7 Ways to Create Better Content in a Fraction of the Time

creating great content in less time

This is a guest post by Mike Sobol of ContentBlvd.

Deep content is immensely valuable for your readers, your credibility and your SEO. When you delve into a subject and create a post that others use as reference material, that’s a content marketing home run. Barry does it here on his own blog with astounding consistency. Chances are, however, you aren’t such a prolific content producer. So let’s look at how you can create more fantastic content in much less time.

First, a Disclaimer

Fast content doesn’t mean bad content. If it isn’t useful, don’t create it. No one wins when you publish new content for it’s own sake — not your site, your brand or your readers. So don’t publish something quickly because you think you need to.

The only reason ever to publish a piece is because you believe your audience will benefit.

I happen to be a long-winded person who enjoys digging into the details. Paradoxically, perhaps, that limits my own production. And maybe that limits you, too. You know it’s your job to provide value, so when you aren’t confident in your message, and don’t feel like you have the time and attention to give a topic it’s due, you opt to produce nothing at all.

Well, that’s baloney, and it leads me to my first point. (more…)


Magnetic Content [webcast]

Magnetic Content [webcast]

In this information-packed, 30-minute webcast you’ll learn how to use the power of pull to make your website the magnetic center of a highly effective online marketing program.

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