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Should Content Marketers Subscribe to Email Marketing? [Content Matters Episode 12]

Content Matters Episode 12

“Email marketers gain a durable advantage.” 

In the opening seconds of the new episode of Content Matters Andy delivers an emphatic little sermon on why email marketing is “sacred.” Still, while some content marketers subscribe to the power of email marketing, far too many overlook it.

See, unlike your other so-called tribes, you OWN your email list. The people on it have granted you permission to market to them. Therein lies the power of email marketing— and the reason we dedicated an episode to navigating it.



12 Content Marketing Tips Every Small Business Must Know

cmsmallbiz cartoon

Garrett Moon of Todaymade is one of my favorite bloggers. I loved the tips he offered in this post and he agreed to let me republish it here. 

Ahh.. the life of a small business owner. So peaceful, so serene, and so little stress. Am I right?

Of course not–your life is crazy! But you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?

Being a small business owner has many benefits and many job titles. In the course of a single hour, you can easily jump from Chief Executive Officer to Chief Financial Officer, from Chief Operations Officer to Chief Marketing Officer. In small business, you are in control of your own destiny. You are also in control of your own content marketing.

Every day, I hear from small business owners like you asking about how they can get the most out of their content marketing. They simply want to promote their business to best of their ability, and who can blame them? For that reason, I decided to compile a list of my top twelve tips for content marketing for small businesses.

1) Listen To What Your Customers Ask You

Small business content marketers struggle with what they should be talking about online.

It is easy to get into sales pitch mode and push our products and service on our customers, but that isn’t what they want from us. They want the same thing that they want in the store – advice. One of the simplest tips for small businesses that are using content marketing is to simply answer the questions that your customers are asking.

Take a poll in your business and figure out the top ten questions that your customers ask most frequently. What do they want to know about? Make a plan to write a blog post (or several) answering each question one by one. Do this regularly, and you will soon build a library of practical content for your future customers.



21 Tweets for Twitter Beginners (#21Twips)

twitter beginners


Are you new to Twitter? Or maybe you haven’t even started yet? It’s time. Here are 21 tips in the form of tweets, a great place for Twitter beginners to, er, begin. Feel free to ask any questions (or share the twips).

This story and other Storify posts by Feldman Creative are published here:


Clueless for Content?

I thought I’d revisit an article I created a month or so ago, but then extend it with this fantabulous infographic for the clueless content creator. You don’t want to miss a word of this.



Learn Twitter: Join My “Twittorial” Webinar


Join Brian Loebig and I, Thursday, May 17, for a free introduction to Twitter: “Twittorial: Using Twitter for Business.”

Register for the webinar here.

After, I’ll offer you a recorded version of the webinar as well as the entertaining slide deck we’ll present. Today, I thought you might get some nice tips from this infographic…



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11 Lessons in Productivity from A Very Productive 2011

You know how I—and every true marketeer whose advice you trust (or at least, get)—constantly plead with you to stop talking about yourself all the time? You must know the drill by now… Your audience isn’t interested in your company and your objectives; they’re interested in their company and their objectives. It’s 100% true.

So with a little apology in advance, can I ask you to temporarily ignore my advice and allow my company—and my company’s objectives—to be the subject of one little article?

Thank you kindly. (more…)


The 20 Minute Social Media Professional

[This is a guest post from Vanessa DiMauro, CEO of Leader Networks]

“I don’t have time to participate in social media” is a common cry heard within enterprise. The concern is that social media has a steep learning curve and is a time vacuum preventing more essential work from getting done. In other circles where social media is more widely used, those who haven’t started are sometimes in a pickle.  They don’t know where to start and won’t ask for help, worried about exposing that they haven’t developed this professional skill yet.  Fear not…while we are led to believe that everyone and their uncle is using social media with great skill and acuity, there are many who have yet to take the plunge.


If the recipe for success is content marketing, isn’t copy the main ingredient?

For a few years now, there’s been so much talk about “the death of the copywriter.” Granted, the death of copywriting, or the death of just about anything, makes for alluring headlines. Us humans appear to be magnetically attracted to obituaries.

Flickr: ionraces

Content marketing is alive and well.

Content is king. Content is currency. You’ve seen these theories and bought into them or you wouldn’t have given an article about content marketing a minute of your valuable time.

What is content? The Content Marketing Instituterecently offered the 2011 edition of their Content Marketing Playbook, which features 42 ways to connect with your customers. Let’s allow the title of that killer piece to define content. It tells us what content is andwhat it’s for: a way to connect with customers. We might as well call it a great definition of marketing, too, because it is.

So, do you want some?

You definitely do. As a consumer, you endlessly seek the solutions to your problems. As a marketer, communicating with your customers is essentially your job description. These truths are so old and universally understood, they’re practically commandments. But wait a sec…



Getting Ideas to Flow: The Naked Truth.

For a copywriter, or any idea professional whose tasks involve coming up with a concept, a form of writer’s block is, well, not being able to come up with a concept. I find this frightening phenomena tends to strike when I’m at my desk, staring at my screen, and torturing myself with the notion that brilliance must strike. Now.

What do I do? I bail. That is, I get up and go. The basic idea is to change your surroundings to try to change your mindset. Take five. Take a break. Take off.

Sometimes I go for a drive. I can be pretty prolific behind the wheel and have so far managed to not crash while scribbling stuff down. Walks? Yeah. Works for me sometimes.

Get to the naked part.
You know what works best? Getting naked and getting in the shower. I can’t tell you how many times headlines, concepts, and ideas have flowed from my brain as hot water beats down on it.

I have a few other remedies, but you’ve probably heard enough from your clothes-less copywriter friend today. TMI, as they say. Tell me though, do you have a solution or two for writer’s block? Can you show me? Pictures won’t be necessary.