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Social Media Pants (and Other Ways to Network and Make Friends)

social media pants

Social media pants? Yup.

I really enjoy attending new media conferences and in an effort to make the most of the opportunity to network at them, I try to dress for the occasion. I’ll show you what I mean by that.



Why Smart Marketers are Using Google+ (Interview with B.L. Ochman)



Are you avoiding Google+ because it’s:

  • a ghost town?
  • too complicated?
  • yet another thing to do and you haven’t gotten around to?

In this interview I did with B.L. Ochman, Google+ coach and one of the most influential women in social media, you’ll find out why Google+ is a key tool in your online marketing strategy. (Highlights below the video.)



Key Concepts and Highlights from the Masters of Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing book

Four years or so ago, after having invested 20-plus years in marketing, I had no doubt I knew what I was doing. Then the term “inbound marketing” caught fire—thanks to a book by the same name, written by the two founders of HubSpot.

I read the book. Then doubt was ALL I had. I felt like a rookie all over again.

Everything changed. I mean everything. Marketing turned outside in. It turned inbound.

I chowed down a healthy heap of humble pie and got serious about getting schooled in how things work in the Internet age. I read and wrote. Listened and watched. Studied and worked. And clicked until it all started to click.

I get inbound marketing now. I want to make sure you do too. You may not need to live and breathe it. You have me for that. But if inbound marketing is still mysterious to you, I want to help you gain a general understanding of what it is and how it’s done.

What is inbound marketing?

The best way to begin to understand what inbound marketing is to understand it’s not outbound marketing. It doesn’t rely on buying ads or contacts lists. You don’t spray messages and pray for leads.

You don’t push. You pull. You do so by creating content that pulls people toward your company and product because they seek answers you have.

When you regularly publish content in line with your customer’s interests, you attract inbound traffic and establish relationships you can nurture to convert lookers to loyalists.

Inbound marketing is the most effective and cost-efficient way to do marketing now. (more…)


Barry Christmas to You


21 Ornaments to Hang On Your Website


‘Tis the season not only to be jolly, but also to forge plans to create more effective online marketing programs, where, of course, your website serves as the hub.

Has your website stagnated a bit? Oh sure, your blog or news section gives it a sprinkling of newness each time you post, but you should be doing more than simply expanding your content. You should be promoting it. Thinking customer-centric thoughts and doing what you can to make your website more useful and engaging. Giving your readers a heap of reasons to click around, stick around, come back often and tell their friends.

Consider hanging some new ornaments on your website—the types of things that make it a more compelling social experience. Tools and ideas to increase sharing, engagement, lead generation, credibility, the quality of the content and the usefulness or utility of your online properties are everywhere.

Here are 21 of them to help make your website sparkle in the coming year.


Social media chicklets

social media chicklets

My chicklets are simple, but colored to complement this website.

“Chicklets” is a nickname for the mini-logos of popular social media sites and services. You’ll find thousands of basic or fancy options. Feel free to select artistic ones that complement your site, but don’t let the design obscure the intent—and don’t hide them. Place your social chicklets in an easy-to-find location all across your site to encourage interaction.

Blog comments

I’ll admit blog comments are sometimes hard to get, but you’ll get zero if you don’t make commenting possible with the necessary plugins. Plug one in. WordPress has an easy native solution, which also allows you to offer your readers follow and subscription options.

I use Disqus because it enables users easy sign-in options, a notification system for users to follow discussions, and also displays the commenter’s photo, which helps inspire commentary. Many swear by the feature-rich Livefyre. This article offers a nice roundup and compares features of comments plugins.


Disqus offers a great set of features including a set of suggestions for additional reading — along with comment highlights from the selected articles. Smart stuff for increasing “time on site.”



Cranberry Sauce, Content Marketing and Giving Thanks


cranberry sauce

I must have been in my mid to late 30s when one Thanksgiving afternoon my sister-in-law, Teresa, asked “Where is the cranberry sauce?” I explained cranberry sauce is a weird and unnecessary thing to put on turkey.

Teresa, who somehow got the nickname “Bird,” wasn’t having any of that. She insisted we bike around the corner to the PW Market and snag a can of the essential ingredient of a Thanksgiving dinner. She also insisted I try it.

Fruit on my bird? Sounded gross. But it tasted great. I rarely eat turkey now without cranberry sauce. In fact, now I even make my own  secret version of cranberry sauce, with a kick.

No doubt, sometimes I learn slowly, if at all. I’m stubborn.

Now I can tell a similar story about online marketing.

See, I had been in the copywriting game for over 20 years with a general disdain for the idea of blogging. I thought, ehnh… I rarely read them, so what’s the big deal?

Then I read “Inbound Marketing,” the great book by the two founders of HubSpot. It sort of got me on my bike and headed to the market again, if you will. A mind-boggling amount of reading about online marketing followed. And then I decided I was going to create a WordPress site, start blogging, get active in social media, and climb (or crawl) my way up the content marketing ladder, make my presence known, and share what I’d learn with anyone who cared to learn.

It worked. Or maybe I should say, it’s working.

But I didn’t do it alone. (more…)


Let’s Fixate on Death Before It’s Too Late


I’ll be damned. It’s Halloween time. You know what that means?

The year’s final two months are staring us in the face now. As bloggers we’ll have no choice but to write holiday themed stuff, “best of” and “worst of” the year posts, and of course, predictions for next year. Then comes January and we’re obliged to write about New Year’s resolutions and football.

But today, my devilish friends, we’re free to write about whatever the hell we please. Seeing as how it’s All Hallows’ Eve, I’ve chosen to write about the dead and dying.

Quick sidebar of historical significance: Did you know All Hallows’ Day initiates the triduum of Hallowmas? Yep. It’s the time of the year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (aka “hallows”) and faithful departed believers.

Incomprehensible, I know, but creepy and fun all the same. And now back to our dark, disturbing story. (more…)


26 Helpful Emails I Get, Open and Read (and You Should Too)

helpful emails, email

Earlier this year, Google announced it’d be pulling the plug on Google Reader, their RSS app, and then did. Feed fanatics the world over were pissed.

Not me. I said, “Nice to know you.”

Yes, I used the thing. When I found a blog I dug, I subscribed to the feed. Then I found it impossible to keep up. A few days would go by and the little number by my Reader icon would indicate I had 1000+ stories in my queue. Naturally, I x’d them all out and the cycle began again.

Then I moved over to Feedly, a much more elegant solution. I have Feedly now and I check it less often than I change the oil in my car. RSS is for Really. Serious. Subscribers.

When I value a company’s content enough to want to know when they’ve made new stuff available, I use an amazingly old school “new” strategy. I give them my email address and they send me email. Email remains the king of online media. It’s the one platform everyone has and no one ignores.

I’m an easy sell . When someone offers a nifty sounding eBook or the like, I opt-in. Then I give ‘em the benefit of the doubt until they: (a) annoy me (b) let me down with crappy content or (c) don’t compel me to open their emails. If they fail one of these tests, I opt out. I get in the aggressive opt-out mode once or twice a month or I’d be buried in email.

So that leaves just a wee 100 or so I get every day. (How the hell do I ever get work done?) Today, I’m not going to make my list exhaustive, but I’ll tell you about my favorites and hope that if, like me, you attend the school of perpetual online marketing learning, you’ll subscribe to, open and read some of the helpful emails from these great content marketers too. (more…)


7 Things You Can Get Out of LinkedIn Groups When You Get Into ‘Em

LinkedIn Groups When outsiders start in with their bashing and thrashing of social media networks you can bet your last dime they’ll be squawking about the trivial nature of the posts.

You’ve heard it many times before. Social media is a waste of time. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it (as the media world passes them by).

Should we tell them about LinkedIn or should that remain our little secret? Maybe they’ve heard, LinkedIn is the businessperson’s network.

While it may not make the headlines as often as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn brings career-minded go-getters together to do business. Productive relationships are built there. Leads are generated.

LinkedIn Groups are where the action is.

I hope you’re taking part in LinkedIn Groups that map to your business interests. You’ll want to be selective and avoid the groups where promotions trump discussions. Groups such as these tend to be a waste of time. And, unfortunately, you’ll likely wind up on some scuzz-ball’s hit list and have to tolerate the occasional LinkedIn mail spam. You’ll know ‘em when you ‘em and will simply want to leave the group.

However, the active groups, which often have moderators and guidelines, can deliver some great benefits. So try to get a sense of the group’s agenda and join those that appear to be productive information exchanges. That’s the idea.

Put some time and effort into these LinkedIn Groups and your bound to get a good many things in return. (more…)


Your Twitter Profile: 15 Types of Eggheads

Twitter profiles


Are you in the Twitter profile picture hall of shame?

If you read my articles for the unconventional wisdom (or, at least, the unconventional words) I generally offer, you’re in for a dire disappointment today.

There are times and places to be unconventional. First introductions—the ones you make online via social media—really aren’t one of them.

I’m Twitter-obsessive. No apologies. Twitter rocks.

I also feel I’ve got the hang of it, but not just mechanically. After a couple of years of trial and error, I’m accomplishing the objectives I have for the medium.

I’m getting the Twitterati to read and share my work. I’m discovering great content and resources. I’m expanding my influence, albeit at a slow and steady pace. But, mostly, I’m building relationships. (more…)