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15 SaaS Retention Strategies and Subscription Renewal Best Practices


SaaS retention strategies

“Retention is your number one strategy for profitability. Churn is public enemy number one.”

~ Neil Patel (Crazy Egg article)

Want to keep your customers? Perhaps it’s the most rhetorical question you’ve ever read.

My friend and fellow blogger Ben Jacobson (Twitter / LinkedIn) recently came a-calling for a response for a roundup post he’d compose for PostFunnel. He asked:

How will retention marketing change in 2018?

Uncanny timing…

I’ve been writing almost entirely for (and about) SaaS companies, so the subject of keeping paying customers onboard and satisfied is golden. Plus, I had just finished reading Anne Janzer’s great book, Subscription Marketing, where she dives deep into the topic and smartly categorizes it as “value nurturing.”

Part of my response to Ben’s question was:

“I’ll answer with my SaaS copywriter hat on and say marketers will work to make their content and communications more focused on the needs of the individual. Marketing decisions, largely made automatically, will respond to behavioral triggers to enable the brand to be more helpful and responsive to the client’s needs.”

You can read the entire response as well as insights from the experts on the PostFunnel post.

In Epic Content Marketing, author Joe Pulizzi writes, “Goals to keep customers longer, happier and/or spending more are the most noble content marketing objectives.”

Let’s dig even further into best practices for subscription renewal. I’ll expand beyond content marketing and present SaaS retention strategies from a variety of experts. (more…)


SaaS Content Marketing: Examples from 21 Ambitious Brands that Get It

SaaS Content Marketing Examples

I did a search for “SaaS content marketing.” Perhaps doing the same got you here.

Interestingly, I found some good (though predictable) write-ups of some of the better content marketing efforts from SaaS companies, but no article showcased them the way I’m about to.

In addition to telling you about the many shining examples of SaaS content marketing I’ve rounded-up, I’m going to give you a look at each program and hone-in on the strategy at work.

Of course, I’ll include blogs and some unique content from them, but my goal is to feature some impressive content ideas that are bigger than blogs because I want you to think beyond the blog.

“Almost all big, successful SaaS companies use content marketing. Most of them don’t understand it, and don’t execute it properly.”
(The State of SaaS Content Marketing, cobloom report, 2017)



Can Your SaaS Copywriter and Content Marketing Consultant Do This?

SaaS Copywriter

Are you considering hiring a SaaS copywriter and content marketing consultant? You’ve come to the right page.

If you’re looking for the “how to” type of posts I generally write I understand if you skip this one and trust you’ll come back soon.

That said, if you have a SaaS brand or manage marketing for a software company, you’re bound to find this post valuable. The conversation here today (er, monologue) is about what a SaaS copywriter can do for you.

Most of my clients sell subscription-based software and rely on my experience to help generate leads, increase conversion, and foster loyalty. Based on my online travels and 30 years of producing marketing content, here’s what I think a SaaS copywriter and content marketing consultant can do for you.



SaaS Websites: Content, Copy & Design Ideas for the Homepage

SaaS websites

Do you sell SaaS?

I suspect you relentlessly challenge your instincts about how to present content on your homepage.

I’m with you. I’m a soldier in the SaaS wars. Helping create SaaS websites and building stronger digital marketing arsenals to back them up is my “wheelhouse.”

It’s hard to say what’s the ideal way to stack-up the content on your homepage. In an effort to help you consider the best options and make smart calls, I’m going to share with you content, copy and design ideas to plan the next iteration of your homepage.

A hero shot goes first

Your SaaS homepage begins with a hero shot (or header). Companies make a variety of choices here, but I submit sliders and carousels are out. They’re not yet extinct, but they are old school.

This is the scrolling age. It’s naïve to think a visitor will wait patiently as your slide show plays. You’ll be far better off to identify your most important message and get to it.

Proof hero shot

I love what Proof does. No motion. No stock photography—such as the predictably deadly desktop with a neatly arranged computer, plant, coffee cup and notepad. No screenshot. No innocuous wallpaper or shenanigans of any kind.

They hit you fast with the benefit of using their product, in four words. A tidy subtitle drills down into the who, what, and how. The call-to-action isn’t a selection and it doesn’t diddle around. It says “Try it for free.” And if you should fear doing so might be complex, Proof assures you it’s a simple 5-minute setup.

Evernote hero shot

Welcome to the top of the Evernote homepage. There’s actually is a bit of animation here. The headline rotates. But it does so quickly and is impossible to ignore. The sequence reads…

  1. Remember everything.
  2. Get organized.
  3. Succeed together.
  4. Meet Evernote, your second brain.

I love that. And… bam… Signup form, with two choices: sign up with Google or enter an email and password. Everything about the homepage is clear, simple and deliberately unfussy. A great lesson in minimalism. A+ for its homepage copy. (more…)


B2B SaaS Marketing Strategy: 27 Smart Marketing Tools and Tactics


SaaS Marketing Strategy (1)

SaaS companies come and SaaS companies go.

I watch closely. Sometimes from the outside. Sometimes from within.

The death rate of SaaS companies can be discouraging, but on the other hand, the long and growing list of mega-success stories in the software subscription business is downright inspiring. The continued growth of the industry is too…

SaaS Growth

Source: Trends in SaaS for Enterprise IT

The overall SaaS market will reach $164.29 billion by 2022.

Source: Transparency Market Research

So what’s the difference between the movers and shakers of the cloud wars and the dearly departed? Well, I sit (virtually, that is) in their marketing departments, so from my point of view, the answer is the marketing tools they choose and the tactics they use.

Most of my clients are SaaS companies. Most offer B2B platforms. Staying on top of effective B2B SaaS marketing strategy is critical to my business. If you can say the same, this post’s for you. (more…)