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The Many Benefits of Collaborative Content [Content Matters Episode 23]

Content Matters Podcast - Episode 23

Two heads are better than one. It’s cliche, but true. In this episode of Content Matters, Andy and Barry get into the many reasons to create collaborative content.

Listen to “The Audience-Expanding Advantages of Collaborative Content [23]” on Spreaker.

In this episode we cover:

  • The many reasons to do collaborative content
  • Ego bait—is it more meaningful than it sounds?
  • Getting started with curated content
  • Making your content better with quotes from contributors
  • Creating and contributing to roundup posts
  • The value (and fun) of doing expert interviews
  • Reasons to make guest posts part of your guest posting strategy

In the cheese & mousetrap segment:

  • Barry explains an important key for selecting the right collaborators
  • Andy digs into how to use testimonials to increase conversion

Resources mentioned in this epsidode:

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The Tactics Successful Bloggers

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How to Edit Copy [Content Matters Episode 22]

Content Matters Ep 22

A ton of content creators make one, or two, big mistakes when they write copy:

  1. They publish first drafts
  2. They edit as they write

In this edition of Content Matters, Andy and Barry make a case why these two mistakes compromise the quality of your content and slow your production.

Listen to “How to Edit Copy [22]” on Spreaker.

In this (highly stereophonic) episode we cover:

  • When’s the right time in the writing process to edit?
  • Why the first paragraph is often disposable
  • How to edit online copy to appeal to scanners
  • The value of “incubation”
  • A long list of things to axe
  • Our copywriting pet peeves
  • How to inject energy into your copy
  • Why you should “cut that out”

In the cheese & mousetrap segment:

  • Barry explains why to not write like a journalist
  • Andy makes a case for writing your call to action in first person

Resources mentioned in this epsidode:

On the next episode of Content Matters:
The power of collaborative content

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Smart Strategies for Effective Blog Design [Content Matters Episode 19]

Content Matters episode 19

At the top of the episode, I say, “Make reading your blog a chore or a bore and it’s bye-bye baby.”

Listen to this edition of Content Matters to pick up a long list of tips you can easily apply to design a more attractive and reader-friendly blog and get more from your content marketing efforts. 



Finding Topics for Your Blog and Content [Content Matters Episode 17]

Content Matters episode-17

In the course of the episode, Andy explains, “Whatever people want to know—that’s what you need to publish.” It might not be immediately obvious to you what your audience wants to know, but after listening to this episode you’ll have a complete bag of tricks for finding the ideal content for your blog and website.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why you shouldn’t avoid popular topics
  • The secret to finding the topics that are being shared on social media
  • Simple keyword research tools that overflow with ideas
  • The sites that make it easy to uncover the questions people ask about your field of expertise
  • How to mine your analytics and onsite search for topic ideas
  • The many ways to “listen” and learn from your prospects and peers
  • How to extract content ideas from books, courses, and Wikipedia
  • The answer file that lives in your sent mail
  • How events and original research serve you some of the best possible content ideas

What can you learn from these studs?
Listen this episode for a fun tip from the world of traditional publishing.

In the cheese & mousetrap segment:

  • Barry explains how to make great content from roundup posts somebody else created.
  • Andy suggests you can plug every possible “hole in your bucket” by adding a live chat feature to your website.

On the next episode of Content Matters:
What to put on your homepage

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The Ingredients of Great Written Content [Content Matters Episode 16]

Great Written Content Content Matters

If your written content isn’t great, it accomplishes very little, or nothing.

In this episode, Andy and Barry talk you through the 14 ingredients you need to pour into your content, so it hits the mark and accomplishes your marketing objectives.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Each of the 14 important ingredients in the nutritional label below
  • Ways to apply the ingredient in your written content
  • How to make your written content original—even when it’s about a common topic



Should Content Marketers Subscribe to Email Marketing? [Content Matters Episode 12]

Content Matters Episode 12

“Email marketers gain a durable advantage.” 

In the opening seconds of the new episode of Content Matters Andy delivers an emphatic little sermon on why email marketing is “sacred.” Still, while some content marketers subscribe to the power of email marketing, far too many overlook it.

See, unlike your other so-called tribes, you OWN your email list. The people on it have granted you permission to market to them. Therein lies the power of email marketing— and the reason we dedicated an episode to navigating it.



Writing Killer Headlines for Your Web Content [Content Matters Podcast 02]

Content Matters podcast - ep2 image

How many headlines have I written in my 25-plus years in copywriting?

Andy, my partner in mousetraps and cheese, asked me this as we began the second episode of the Content Matters podcast.

I couldn’t answer the question. However, he had plenty more questions (as did I) and answering them made for a great 22 minute discussion on the all-important topic.

Here’s episode #2:
Headlines: Does Anything Matter More?

How do you write killer headlines? Should you aim to turn on readers or search engines?

This episode of the podcast gets into these questions and:

  • How headlines are ammo in the war for attention
  • How headlines are the key to social media success
  • Headlines are no longer just the big bold words at the top of the page
  • Do headline writers over-emphasize search?
  • How to hack your way to writing killer headlines for web content
  • How to borrow insights from the cover of pop culture magazines (and the native advertising industry)
  • Barry’s age-old “how to” get started lesson
  • Andy’s not-so-secret formula for looking at numbers first
  • The magnetic power of the illustrious curiosity gap
  • The dubious double headline that screams “click me”

In the cheese and mousetrap segment…

  • Are you fulfilling your promises?
  • The connection between the headline and the growth of your email list

attention war


Some click-worthy comments

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Content Worthy of the Country’s Highest Office

social media mood meter

When you land at, the online home of a company that sells serious software to major enterprises, a comic book character greets you — NetBase calls him “Captain Insight,” a super hero of “social intelligence.” The masked man has the super power needed to unlock the customer’s mind.

When you’re done with the Marvel-style sequence, you can click into some of the usual content you’d expect to find on a software company’s website. However, had you done so during the presidential campaign, you’d be more likely to have pointed your cursor at a more mysterious element —a gauge marked “Obama.”

You’d then discover a “real-time mood meter,” a dashboard of sorts with dials that deliver up-to-the-minute voter sentiment on the election. Indicators display the sentiment of Twitter users who, in the previous 10 minutes, have expressed opinions on the four presidential and vice-presidential candidates.



A Big Fat Content Marketing Circus [Podcast]

content marketing minds


I put gas in my environmentally irresponsible, old guzzler van today. It hurt. To ease the pain, what do you say we talk about bikes instead? We’ll talk a bit about beer, too. Bikes. Brews. I’m feeling better already. Care to join me?

As random as it all sounds,

An experiential diorama

In this podcast, you’ll hear from chief gearhead Matt Kowal, the MC (Master of… Ceremonies? Of content? Of cerveza?) of New Belgium Brewing’s “Tour de Fat.”

This summer, New Belgium’s “people-powered day of experience” made the rounds to 15 cities as part of its 13th annual Tour de Fat. Kowal describes this cycling circus as a “3D billboard/diorama starring our supporters.”

Brands do well by doing good

Patrons can participate in the event for free, but they part with cash throughout the day at concessions. And though a good amount of money is collected, the host beer company keeps none of it: Every dollar goes to local bike causes. In addition, nearly every worker is a volunteer from one of those, and everyone in attendance — I’m guessing 5K or so joined me in San Francisco — has a gay old time in supporting their favorite brand

content marketing minds

Today, via the mighty MP3, I’m going to take you with me to the city by the bay. Listen to Matt and me talk about the festivities, first on site in Golden Gate Park, and then on Skype. You’ll learn a heap of fun stuff about an unusual content marketing program that makes its way across the U.S. in three gigantic semi trucks.

Master Matt shares insights about how:

  • New Belgium Brewing aims to create a moment people won’t forget
  • The hosts garner support from the communities they visit
  • Local causes bring a like-minded community together
  • New Belgium creates an “interactive diorama”
  • The company parlays the event with earned media reach

Be safe. And thanks for listening.

You can learn more about Tour de Fat at the event’s website and Facebook page.


Presenting “Content Marketing Minds” – Episode 1 [Podcast]

Happy Birthday and You Rock.

“Say It with Skype”

content marketing minds


What’s VoIP kingpin Skype to do when it needs to promote its premium group video-calling feature to non-subscribers?

The content marketing minds at the company huddled up, then invented an e-greeting app that anyone can use, from anywhere, to compose a personalized video message and send it along to friends.

These are actually v-greeting cards.

Say it With Skype users make videos — but not just any old videos. These videos star the recording artists you choose. They can star you, too (provided you’re not camera shy).