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Digital Marketing Lead Generation Strategies [Free eBook]

Free ebook Three Deep Marketing

I wrote a 40-page eBook covering today’s most effective digital marketing lead generation strategies. It was recently published by Three Deep Marketing, a sizable agency in Minnesota that’s one of the nation’s premier practitioners of data-driven digital marketing. From content marketing to marketing automation and many other tactics, the eBook covers a lot of ground. You can scroll down to see the chapters list. Go here to download the eBook in its entirety. Or check out how the book begins here and now….

The story begins with the predictably unpredictable buyer

The customer’s buying path is forever unpredictable. The only thing that is predictable is they will do their research.

You’re doing research here and now. You might pull the trigger soon. You might not.

buyer journeyIn a way, you’re a lot like everyone else. The decision you’ll make—in this case, about your company’s marketing—will be an informed one. You’ll put in the time, do your homework and make an informed decision.

And in a way, you’re unlike anyone. You’ll bounce around from source to source however you please. No one knows the path you’ll take—including you.

Let’s lay it on the line. Buyers command the buying process now. They absorb information like sponges, but don’t stand in line to get it. They go online and get it entirely on their terms.

If you want them to consider buying from you, you have to buy into the realities of the new media landscape. You have to map your marketing to their journey. And again, the journey’s wildly unpredictable.

Go ahead and gulp. In the 2010s decade, marketing and media have matured. Keeping up with the changes is a priority, but a highly challenging ambition. Deny the dominance of digital marketing and you’ll go down in defeat. Digitally savvy companies shall inherit the earth.

This eBook is a roadmap of sorts. Our hope is it will equip you with the insights you’ll need to achieve success in the age of the carefully considered decision.



Content Marketing Pros Have Flawsome Sex with Chickens

Content Marketing World offered attendees a spicy and fun vocabulary lesson.

Based on an article by  and republished by permission.
Social media and content marketing strategist at Pole Position Marketing

Do you relish a good discussion on the emerging inbound marketing industry? You’ll enjoy some of my favorite new words from this month’s Content Marketing World conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Sex with Data

Mitch JoelWhoa! When Mitch Joel, opening keynote speaker and author of Six Pixels of Separation, used this phrase just a little after 8 a.m. last Wednesday, I knew it was time to wake up. (more…)


m. is for .monumental

Raise your hand if you know what m. means.

If your hand is in the air it probably has a smartphone in it. You smartphone users are pretty smart.

If your hand isn’t in the air, there’s still a very strong chance it has a smartphone in it.

mobile search

Now, take a close look at the URL field. If you’re web browsing, there’s probably an m. right there. If not, there should be.

m., short for mobile,  is gaining some serious m.omentum. It’s m.assive.



Where are you with mobile marketing?

All signs point to m-commerce.

It’s always fascinating to see the next big thing blossom and keep abreast of the buzz. Of course, you can’t do such a thing if you don’t know what “that thing” is. In marketing, it’s mobile marketing.

I subscribe to a ton of news feeds. Sure, the secrets of social media are omnipresent. However, from where I sit, it’s undeniable: mobile marketing looms even larger than social media. The experts say it’s bound to dwarf it.

In an attempt to keep pace with the mobile mavens, I’ve been subscribing to blogs, attending webinars, and clicking around the web whenever my time allows. I’ll share with you some of the biggest bullets.