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Digital Marketing Lead Generation Strategies [Free eBook]

Free ebook Three Deep Marketing

I wrote a 40-page eBook covering today’s most effective digital marketing lead generation strategies. It was recently published by Three Deep Marketing, a sizable agency in Minnesota that’s one of the nation’s premier practitioners of data-driven digital marketing. From content marketing to marketing automation and many other tactics, the eBook covers a lot of ground. You can scroll down to see the chapters list. Go here to download the eBook in its entirety. Or check out how the book begins here and now….

The story begins with the predictably unpredictable buyer

The customer’s buying path is forever unpredictable. The only thing that is predictable is they will do their research.

You’re doing research here and now. You might pull the trigger soon. You might not.

buyer journeyIn a way, you’re a lot like everyone else. The decision you’ll make—in this case, about your company’s marketing—will be an informed one. You’ll put in the time, do your homework and make an informed decision.

And in a way, you’re unlike anyone. You’ll bounce around from source to source however you please. No one knows the path you’ll take—including you.

Let’s lay it on the line. Buyers command the buying process now. They absorb information like sponges, but don’t stand in line to get it. They go online and get it entirely on their terms.

If you want them to consider buying from you, you have to buy into the realities of the new media landscape. You have to map your marketing to their journey. And again, the journey’s wildly unpredictable.

Go ahead and gulp. In the 2010s decade, marketing and media have matured. Keeping up with the changes is a priority, but a highly challenging ambition. Deny the dominance of digital marketing and you’ll go down in defeat. Digitally savvy companies shall inherit the earth.

This eBook is a roadmap of sorts. Our hope is it will equip you with the insights you’ll need to achieve success in the age of the carefully considered decision.



Email Marketing: How to Master the Most Effective Media Tool of All

Email Marketing: How to Master the Most Effective Media Tool of All

This eBook gives you the tools to take advantage of email marketing. The only channel of online communication that remains private and provides a direct connection to your prospect, email is one of the most effective ways to boost your bottom line and grow your business.

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Talking Guest Blogging and Email Marketing with Adam Franklin [Video]

I was recently interviewed by Adam Franklin of Blue Wire Media. It was a great conversation where I shared some of my experiences with landing guest posts on authority sites, calls to action and email marketing.



The Planner – A Strategic Workbook for Growing Your Business with Effective Online Marketing

The Planner – A Strategic Workbook for Growing Your Business with Effective Online Marketing

A must-have resource, The Planner is a PDF eBook and interactive workbook for collecting your thoughts and the information you’ll need to put together a strategy to implement effective online marketing programs.

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Effective Online Marketing: Free eBooks from Feldman Creative

Help yourself to these eBooks to understand how to become a more effective online marketer.


Have you taken advantage of these helpful resources? 
Download any or all these online marketing eBooks to learn how to be more effective with your online marketing and achieve your business goals.

> The Plan to Grow Your Business with Effective Online Marketing

I wrote this 28-page eBook to help you understand the essential elements of online marketing and how you piece them together to drive traffic, leads and sales.

In addition to a series of short overviews, The Plan includes key research findings and a long list of suggested content formats to enrich your media, help you expand your reach and increase your influence.

If you’re just getting started with online marketing, you’ll find The Plan extremely eye-opening and useful.

>> Download “The Plan”

> Strike a Chord: Lessons for Making Your Web Content Resonate

Strike a Chord is 40 pages of show and tell. The eBook showcases a variety of content types, provides a look at (and link to) each example, and a succinct explanation of the WHY the content works.

Read Strike a Chord to learn how to deliver compelling content that draws your prospects closer to your brand.

>> Download “Strike a Chord”

> 21 Pointers to Sharpen Your Website

21 Pointers to Sharpen Your Website is just 6-pages, but packed with the tips you need to know to create a website that inspires visitors to click around and stick around.

Whether you’re creating your first website, replacing your current one, or sharpening the assets on your current site, understanding the principles in this brief eBook will help make your efforts more effective.

>> Download “21 Pointers to Sharpen Your Website”

> Find the Right Copywriter: Helpful Hints for Successfully Concluding Your Search

I’ve been writing marketing and advertising copy for 25 years (yikes) and written for thousands of companies big and small. Believe me, I’ve learned which skills matter most.

The key to your online marketing success is engaging your readers. Find the Right Copywriter is an 8-page eBook that addresses the 11 factors I believe you need to considerwhen making the important decision to hire a copywriter.

>> Download “Find the Right Copywriter”


Marketing Experts Reveal What the Future Holds

Is marketing the same thing as advertising?

Michael Brenner - future of marketingMarketing expert Michael Brenner (SAP, Business2Community, B2B Marketing Insider) just published a great eBook titled, “The B2B Marketing Insider’s Future of Marketing Series.” In its introduction, Michael writes, “Most people think marketing is the same thing as advertising.”

Do you?

Michael writes…

“To me, it has always been about helping the buyer on their journey through customer-focused communication. Now social media networks and mobile internet access are making content the hot new thing in marketing. Content our customers want. Content our customers can consume whenever and wherever they want. 

This was my prediction about the future of marketing. That the truly “social business” will use all of its employee resources to communicate with buyers, customers, partners and potential future employees. And marketing can play the leading role in helping us make this transition.”

Then, he asks the experts. Here are the insights they provided.


Strike a Chord: Lessons for Making Your Web Content Resonate

Strike a Chord: Lessons for Making Your Web Content Resonate

This informative eBook presents a series of lessons to make your web content resonate and increase the success of your content marketing.

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Optimize with Less Obvious Keywords for Search Success

Keywords for search success:


[Here’s an excerpt from the new eBook…] 

Optimize with Less Obvious Keywords for Search Success.

Only one page really matters.

Welcome to the mysterious, magnificent, monumental world of search where
an overwhelming percentage of online journeys begin.

You’ve surely noticed when you do a really broad one or two-word search you
get millions, or even billions, of results. There are a mind-boggling number of
pages you can click through. Yet you’ll look at just one. On that one page are
ten results (of the organic search variety).

In marketing your website, your success depends on showing up on page
one, preferably the top half.

To do so requires a solid grasp of what it takes to make search work for your
business. The winners carefully select keywords that have a worthwhile volume
of search activity, but a relatively low level of competition. (more…)


The Plan to Grow Your Business with Effective Online Marketing

The plan to grow your business with effective online marketing

“The Plan” is a free eBook from Feldman Creative.


[Here’s an excerpt from the new eBook…] 

Offer content online customers are looking for.

Be a good helper.

In the information age, people seek information. There’s no question, they’ll
find it—fast. The question is, will it be your information?

This is content marketing.

 It’s not new. What’s new is the dynamic at work. Those shopping for content won’t be filling out tip-in cards, faxing requests, calling your number or putting forth any effort whatsoever. They’ll merely be clicking on a link.

Want to win their business? That link needs to lead to your website. There’s one way to get in the game: create mighty fine content. Develop and promote information assets. 

Offer helpful content. Make it informative. Valuable. And free.

[You’ll find this passage on page 7 of the 28-page eBook. The Plan” presents 17 strategies—briefly and clearly—to help you understand how to take advantage of online channels to capitalize on the power of pull. Inbound marketing… planning, web site best practices, SEO, blogging, conversion strategy, email marketing… It’s all in “The Plan.”  All free. ]


The Plan to Grow Your Business with Effective Online Marketing

The Plan to Grow Your Business with Effective Online Marketing

This must-read 28-page eBook clearly and simply presents the strategies you need to create magnetic content, make your website a customer attraction force field, and convert visitors to customers.

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