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In Loving Memory of a Blog [A Eulogy]


Dearly Beloved,

We gather here today to honor the memory of our friend, Web Log.

That was his birth name.

Most knew him simply as Blog.

Blog’s life was tragically cut short at a very young age. I’m saddened to say, he never really hit his stride or had the chance to grow up to enjoy what might have been his prime.

When Blog was born he was full of hope and vigor. He dreamed of being an educator. He loved having an audience, though our friend Blog had to settle for a very small one.

Those of us who knew Blog well, knew he was not a patient man. Though many admired Blog because he was a self-starter, he was often cautioned about rushing into things.

I suspect if Blog were here today, he’d tell you he would have been wise to have been more deliberate about planning.

Again, though we honor Blog’s spirit, like all of us, he was deeply flawed.



Pick the Brains of 5 Top Content Marketers for Brilliant Strategies

Entrepreneur - brilliant strategiesThis article by Eric Siu features great insights from marketing leaders including Rand Fishkin of Moz, Neil Patel (he’s kind of a big deal), Heidi Cohen, and Scott Abel. I have to share it with you.


The post originally ran as “The 5 Brilliant Strategies You Can Learn From Top Content Marketers.”


Ready to get started with content marketing?  Although the process might sound daunting, there’s really no need to reinvent the wheel.  Instead, take a page out of the playbooks of the following five industry-leading content marketers.  Adding these strategies to your own content campaigns can take your 2014 marketing initiatives from zero to 60 as easily possible — helping you to avoid common content-marketing speed bumps along the way.

Philosophy of Rand Fishkin, the ex-CEO of marketing site Moz

1. Philosophy of Rand Fishkin, the ex-CEO of marketing site Moz: “Over-invest in big content.”

Rand Fishkin

Image credit: Nakeva via Flickr

In an interview given with Marketing Land, Rand Fishkin, the ex-CEO of Moz, comments on how the rapid pace of content-marketing adoption means that the bar for content quality will grow higher in the future.  As a result, what works today might fall below the minimum barrier entry just a few years from now.

Fishkin’s strategy is to invest in big content, rather than spreading resources too thin producing smaller, less valuable pieces.  Your company can adopt this strategy by reallocating funding and human capital away from run-of-the-mill marketing pieces in order to concentrate on big content, including mini-sites, videos, interactive infographics and other show-stoppers.

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Kiss My Glass: Turning On Your Prospect’s Passion [Interview & Podcast]

Content Marketing 360Not long after I began blogging here, there and everywhere, I started getting requests to do interviews. It’s a nice benefit that springs from building a distinct personal brand online. Today I get a ton of requests for written Q&A’s, videos, and especially, podcasts. I must admit, I enjoy doing interviews for programs such as these and try to accept as many invitations as I can.

Recently, I’ve participated in many interviews and the past week or two, a slew of them were “aired” in rapid succession. While in the past I haven’t always shared the programs with you here on my blog, I intend to present several in the weeks to come.

This is my favorite interview so far.

Pamela Muldoon is the host of Content Marketing 360, a series that showcases marketing minds from around the world. Pamela’s awesome. Using an interview format, she blends her 25+ years of marketing & broadcasting experience into a fresh, conversational approach with her guests.

This is my favorite interview for a number of reasons:

  • Pamela’s a first-class radio pro.
  • She really knows my work, did her homework, and asked great questions.
  • She made me feel very comfortable and brought out the best in me.
  • I chose to reveal the subject of the book I’m writing for the first time. I gave Pamela a preview of the book, “Kiss My Glass.”

Have a listen. You’ll hear me explain what I mean by “kissing glass,” why you need to develop a strong voice, develop storytelling skills, and why I believe writing is the top skill needed to become a successful content marketer.

The interview runs an hour. If you’d rather read the interview, a transcript is provided below. Also, Pamela’s done a great job of summarizing the program’s highlights here on her blogsite, NextStage Media Group.



Online Marketers, What’s the Plan? Got a Planner?

the planf or effective online marketing


“What so many small businesses need more than anything is … a plan.”
Brian Clark, Copyblogger

Looking for the great shortcut to immense success with online marketing? Sorry, wrong article.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get busy forging a plan to create the kind of content that will produce a traffic, lead and sales-building inbound marketing program? Perfect. Here we go.

What’s the plan?

“The Plan” or “The Plan to Grow Your Business with Effective Online Marketing,” is a concise and information-packed eBook I produced to acquaint you with the fundamentals of new media marketing. Despite its low price, zero, it’s a thorough preview of all the essential elements you’ll use to make online marketing the catalyst of your business. Read the sucker.

What’s the planner?

“The Planner” or “The Planner for Growing Your Business with Effective Online Marketing,” is your essential sequel to “The Plan.” It’s a strategic workbook. Snag a free copy of it as a PDF and then click the link within it when you’re ready to begin planning.

You’ll land at a page that’s an interactive tool created to help you collect your thoughts. The planner maps everything out for you. I ask a series of questions. You answer them. When I feel you may need an example or ideas to tackle a task, I provide them.

There’s more to it than I’ve written in this post, but the passages that follow will definitely get you primed for the planner. (more…)


Sharpen Your Storytelling Skills to Earn the Audience’s Attention


storytelling skills

Inbound marketing focuses on the power of pull. You  do everything possible to anticipate the needs and wants of your buyers. You then invest heavily in different messages and media to get clicks, appear on whichever rectangular piece of glass flickers before the prospect, and command their undivided attention for a spell. And you usually fail.

We are all hopelessly distracted. It’s not a disorder — it’s the new world order.

Can I have your attention, please?

Whichever methods we put in play with our marketing, we’re powerless unless we’re able to get a prospect to pay attention. It doesn’t come easy. As long as we’re online, on earth, and in a media-centric society, there will always be a shiny object scattering, shattering, and battering our focus.

Okay, when you practice inbound marketing for a while, you start getting good. You figure out how to write a headline cursors and fingers are magnetically attracted to. But a click is nothing more than a click until you, the messenger, truly click with your customer.

You either get remembered or forgotten.

I’ve been tossing that little homegrown axiom out there for years. The gauntlet I’m laying down here: Your goal is to be remembered.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

As you know, it’s damn hard to be remembered for what you wrote or said. And who needs another impossibly lofty goal? The goal, then, is to say or do something memorable by sparking an emotional response.



I Am What I Am: Personal Branding Tips from Michael Hyatt and Me

personal branding tips

You. Me. Michael Hyatt. Popeye.

Perhaps we don’t have that much in common. Ah, but we do. Personal brands are we. Our agendas may differ—better job, more clients, book sales, or (your goal here)—but we seek the same things: recognition, respect, influence and success.

You, my friend, are a brand.

A photographer. Life coach. Presentation expert. Alternative energy entrepreneur. Website developer. Skin care clinician. These are six simplified profiles of clients who have hired me recently to help them create more effective online marketing by developing their personal brand.

This is no trend. It’s social media, publishing, marketing, sales, work, play, passion and everything you read about all rolled into one.

I realize now it’s what I’ve been doing (and sometimes struggling with) since I went to work for myself. Or is it? It’s probably more accurate to say it’s what I’ve been doing since my bar mitzvah—defining the man I am.

With that in mind, I submit to you personal branding is something you need to understand. It’s something you need to develop deliberately—even if what you’ve been doing and saying to this day has been largely accidental.

I’ve been thinking about you.

I’ve been thinking about me too. And I’ve been thinking about the professionals I mentioned above who have put their trust in me to feed ‘em the spinach they need to nourish their personal brands. There’s a lot to consider.

To learn more, I turned to some personal branding experts and bought some helpful books:

There’s a lot of great information in these books and each author offers tons of great advice via their blog.

I’ve found when I get in conversations about personal branding, Michael Hyatt’s name comes up a lot. A former publishing executive, Michael shares his wisdom via a blog, podcasts, videos, books, information products and speaking gigs.

As luck would have it, Michael was scheduled to speak at New Media Expo in January, where I was also headed to speak. I went to his session and gathered some great tips for getting started with personal branding. (more…)


Key Concepts and Highlights from the Masters of Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing book

Four years or so ago, after having invested 20-plus years in marketing, I had no doubt I knew what I was doing. Then the term “inbound marketing” caught fire—thanks to a book by the same name, written by the two founders of HubSpot.

I read the book. Then doubt was ALL I had. I felt like a rookie all over again.

Everything changed. I mean everything. Marketing turned outside in. It turned inbound.

I chowed down a healthy heap of humble pie and got serious about getting schooled in how things work in the Internet age. I read and wrote. Listened and watched. Studied and worked. And clicked until it all started to click.

I get inbound marketing now. I want to make sure you do too. You may not need to live and breathe it. You have me for that. But if inbound marketing is still mysterious to you, I want to help you gain a general understanding of what it is and how it’s done.

What is inbound marketing?

The best way to begin to understand what inbound marketing is to understand it’s not outbound marketing. It doesn’t rely on buying ads or contacts lists. You don’t spray messages and pray for leads.

You don’t push. You pull. You do so by creating content that pulls people toward your company and product because they seek answers you have.

When you regularly publish content in line with your customer’s interests, you attract inbound traffic and establish relationships you can nurture to convert lookers to loyalists.

Inbound marketing is the most effective and cost-efficient way to do marketing now. (more…)


Rock and Roll Content Marketing—Featuring 11 Legends

Face it content marketers, it gets harder every day to get noticed. Everyone is strumming away at this content marketing thing, but a sea of sameness prevails. Very few have truly unique tunes, so it gets perpetually harder to get people to … well … tune in.

Elvis content marketingAllow me to take you back in time — starting in the mid-50s and then moving on through the decades that followed — to examine 11 legends of rock and roll.

Why, you ask?

Each epic act I’ll introduce built a timeless brand based on a signature style. And I believe, from these rock icons, you’ll be able to extract insights and ideas for creating bigger hits with your blog posts, ebooks, videos — pretty much any kind of content.

So, are you ready to rock?


Here’s a version of this story as a SlideShare.

The story starts in Memphis.

There was this kid from Tupelo, Miss. who came to Memphis to get a recording contract. The magic didn’t happen instantly.

In 1954, the young crooner, named Elvis Presley, was given the chance to audition at Sun Records. The label’s owner, Sam Phillips, was looking for a new and fresh sound. He later admitted he wanted a white boy who sounded like a black bluesman.

Elvis nearly blew it. He sang a Bing Crosby hit and a country standard. Phillips wasn’t hearing what he hoped to. He suggested Elvis and his backing band take a break. During that break, Elvis picked up a guitar and began belting out an unconventional take on a blues tune called “That’s Alright Mama.”

Phillips was transfixed. He asked Elvis, “What are you doing?” The reply: “We don’t know.” Sam told them to do it again. He rolled tape. Elvis sang frenetically. His inflections were odd — but compelling. He shook his hips and danced with abandon. He sneered.

They made a record together, and rock and roll was born.

What happened? Musical forms collided. Country got the blues. The result was a crazy new sound.

In the years that followed, Elvis reeled off an amazing string of hits. One of them was “All Shook Up.” The song title describes his legacy. Elvis shook up the music industry.

Can you create content that shakes things up? I suggest you try.



Free Virtual Conference: Content and Customer Engagement from BrightTalk

Open your calendar please. Mark the dates for next week, Feb. 11, 12, 13.

Of course, I don’t expect you’ll commit all three days to nothing but webinars. However, if you want to take in fun and free lessons from some of the best, have a look at the Content and Customer Engagement Summit schedule and make plans to join the webinars you expect will help you with your online marketing.

BrightTalk has invited me to present two of them…

Rock Your Content

Rock Your Content

The summit kicks off with this rockin’ keynote. I’ve invited three of the world’s best content marketers to join me for this informal roundtable type webinar. The plan is to examine the state of content marketing today and bounce around ideas for rising above the noise like legendary rock stars. Don’t be surprised if suddenly, we fixate on The Rolling Stones or The Clash.

On the webinar, I’ll be joined by:

These three friends of mine rock. They rock their brands, help clients score hits, play rock instruments, and know what it takes to score hits.

Here’s an overview of the session scheduled for Feb. 11, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. PST.

Content marketing strategist Barry Feldman assembles a group of content rock stars to discuss what it takes to score big hits amidst the deafening noise of new media today. The foursome will examine why most content is ignored or easily forgotten while a minute percentage breaks through and strikes a chord with its audience. Feldman and his guests will discuss how some of the legends of rock and roll stamped their indelible signatures on their brands and how marketers can do the same.


Copywriting Tips for the Three Most Important Pages on Your Webiste

copywriting tips websiteYou might have caught my posts about optimizing your home, landing and about pages on the Feldman Creative blog or HubSpot, however, this information has never before been presented live. This webinar is going to be one of the most packed with actionable tips you’ve ever attended.

In under an hour, the session will featue 30+ writing tips. Here’s an overview of the session scheduled for Feb. 13, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. PST.

As vital as website traffic is for growing your business, it’s meaningless if the site doesn’t convert visitors to leads and customers. In this session, veteran copywriter Barry Feldman covers essential copywriting tips marketers can apply immediately to increase conversion. Learn how to make the important improvements to your website’s home page, about page and landing pages that translate to dollars.

Both of these—and all the webinars at the events—are free.


Want to Increase Your Website Traffic 500%?

increase website traffic

I look at my website’s analytics more often than I used, with more knowledge about how to interpret it, and greater ability to use the data I gather to make my online marketing more effective. In a digital world, numbers rule.

I just looked at it from a year-to-date point of view—a limited picture for sure, but I liked what I found. My traffic is FIVE TIMES higher compared to the same dates a year prior.

Maybe you could care less how much traffic my site gets. That’s fair. However, I’m thinking if I share with you how I managed to catapult my traffic, you might apply some of my insights to send your traffic soaring. Sound good?

The main reason why my traffic is flying high.

It’s no secret. I can’t offer you a magic formula. I create heaps of content. Also, I promote it relentlessly.

Partners, prospects and customers often ask me about how I’ve managed to create such a prolific content marketing program, and consequently, a high traffic path to my door.

I’m not sure you’re going to like my answer: a massive amount of very hard work.

If you want to improve your traffic, you must do the same. It may mean carving out the time to create content. It may mean beefing up your content marketing resources.