Website copywriting | Content marketing | Creative direction

You’ve got a good story. Meet a good storyteller.

I’m Barry Feldman.
After making the rounds in the ad agency business in Southern and Northern California for about a decade, I established a copywriting and online marketing business in 1995. Ever since, I’ve partnered with corporate marketing groups, small businesses, ad agencies, and design firms. I bring you 20-plus years of experience working across a spectrum of product categories for hundreds of companies big and small.

Copywriting and creative direction
I provide creative direction and copywriting for all types of advertising, collateral, and marketing communications projects online and off. With each, I aim to achieve “persuativity,” meaning I merge the principles of persuasion with the less tangible, but no less important, element of creativity. An effective creative director takes the lead and ensures the execution of any type of marketing communications effort maps to its original objective. If you need a professional to provide direction, you can be assured my objective is, and always will be, to help you accomplish yours.

Creative connections
Feldman Creative does corporate ID, printing, promotions, print design, web design, interface design, apparel design, interface design, html, and all things interactive. Am I really that talented? I’m not. I’m connected, resourceful and experienced, so I have a short list of elite partners whom I connect, and work well with, to deliver results. You don’t have to work with my partners, but if you like the idea of consolidating vendors, I can bring you a very talented team.

Marketing consulting
My clients often see the destination clearly, but require additional resources and expertise to map an effective route there. I welcome the opportunity to provide marketing consulting for strategy, planning, budgeting, research, reporting, and the array of functions it takes to activate and execute the effective advertising, direct marketing, fulfillment, SEO, pay-per-click, and social media programs it takes to grow your business.

Journalism & publishing
I write articles, blogs, case studies, press releases, and advertorials. There’s a handful of subjects I specialize in, but there’s no reason I can’t expand the list.

You could call me a few other things too.

Author, screenwriter, songwriter…
There’s no rule that says copywriters must aspire to write novels and screenplays. However, I do indeed dabble in writing children’s books, songs, and even short films. What can I say? The rewards extend beyond the measly royalty checks I sometimes receive.