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Get More Bang for Your Buck by Repurposing Content [Content Matters Episode 25]

Barry Feldman: April 9, 2017 | Content marketing, Podcasts: Content Matters | Comments
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Episode 25

Everyone dedicated to the practice of content marketing knows how exhausting it is. In this episode of Content Matters, Andy and Barry explain how to repurpose content—a proven, effective way to save time while increasing your output. 

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In this episode we cover:

  • How repurposing addresses so many challenges content marketers face
  • Reduce—Why you should consider creating less content (that’s deep enough to repurpose)
  • Re-use—Strategies for re-using email, slide decks, internal documents and other forms of communications
  • Recycle—Strategies for turning existing content into different forms for greater media reach
  • Redo—Why you should return to old content to optimize its performance

In the cheese & mousetrap segment:

  • Barry explains “additive” content can be as useful as “divisible content”
  • Andy delivers his “good file” strategy for using testimonials to maximize conversion

Resources mentioned in this epsidode:

Periodic table of content

The Periodic Table of Content

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Barry Feldman
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Barry Feldman
Barry Feldman
  • Camilla Hallstrom

    Wonderful post, Barry and Andy! So many great ideas here- and it absolutely makes sense to focus on using one topic that gets results as much as possible instead of publishing lots of mediocre content on various topics. In fact, I consistenly see better results if I don’t publish as often, but instead focus on promoting that content and creating new versions of it.