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Finding Topics for Your Blog and Content [Content Matters Episode 17]

Barry Feldman: September 18, 2016 | Content marketing, Podcasts: Content Marketing Minds | Comments
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Content Matters episode-17

In the course of the episode, Andy explains, “Whatever people want to know—that’s what you need to publish.” It might not be immediately obvious to you what your audience wants to know, but after listening to this episode you’ll have a complete bag of tricks for finding the ideal content for your blog and website.

In this episode we talk about:

What can you learn from these studs?
Listen this episode for a fun tip from the world of traditional publishing.

In the cheese & mousetrap segment:

  • Barry explains how to make great content from roundup posts somebody else created.
  • Andy suggests you can plug every possible “hole in your bucket” by adding a live chat feature to your website.

On the next episode of Content Matters:
What to put on your homepage

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Barry Feldman
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Barry Feldman
Barry Feldman
  • Melvin Hollenberg

    You’re a genius and I love the blog. Very interesting and, most importantly, useful articles. But do you have to record the podcasts in an empty railway station?

    • Barry Feldman

      Thank you Melvin. Not sure what you mean about empty railway station.

      • Melvin Hollenberg

        I guess that’s a language barrier. I meant the amount of echo in the recording but I was trying to be funny.