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Interviews: Game Changers for Content Marketers [Content Matters Podcast Episode 8]

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Content Matters Episode 8

In this episode of Content Matters, we come out of the gate claiming interviews can be a game-changer for content marketers. Why would we make such a bold statement?

Because Andy and I have learned that conducting interviews is a powerful double whammy.

  1. You’re able to generate more credible and highly compelling content.
  2. You build meaningful relationships with influential voices in your industry.

Take 20 minutes to take-in our best tips for capitalizing on the power of interviews and collaborating on content marketing initiatives.

Highlights from the episode include:

  • The Elevation Principle from Michael Stelzner’s great book, Launch
  • How an ally in content creation becomes an ally in promotion
  • The power of roundup-style content
  • A review of various types of interviews and interview formats you might try
  • The most effective ways to get contributions from experts
  • Effective ways to do interviews via email
  • How to deliver the best answers when you’re interviewed
  • Playing referral tag to grow your network
  • Why you need a guest blogging strategy
  • The greatest social media marketing tool (is not what you’d expect)

Sad and lonely blogger

In the cheese and mousetrap segment

  • Barry reveals a visual strategy to drive traffic to your interview-based content
  • Andy explains how to get a “yes” from nearly everyone you’d like to interview

Resources from the episode

In the next episode of Content Matters we’ll talk about:
The all-important content marketing mission statement




Barry Feldman
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Barry Feldman
Barry Feldman
  • Matthew “Kaboomis” Loomis

    Hi Barry,
    Just found this tonight and I can’t wait to listen to the podcast. This is timely for me as I’ve started heavily pursuing interviews and have done three in the last couple of weeks. Planning many more. By the looks of the highlights, I can tell the podcast will be interesting and helpful.
    I’m determined to get better and better at interviewing people.
    Ever hear of Cal Fussman? Tim Ferris did a fabulous podcast with Fussman about interviewing people.