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Content that Converts: A Simple 2-Part Formula

Barry Feldman: February 28, 2016 | Content marketing, Conversion optimization, Infographics | Comments
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Content that converts


46 Expert Tips for Creating Addictive Content – INFOGRAPHIC

Content worth creating is content that converts. Simple, eh?

“Businesses can’t afford to waste time and resources on content that doesn’t achieve its marketing goals,” writes Sara McGuire, at Venngage, a company I’ve been collaborating with recently.

She continues… 

“In order for your content to stand out from all the background noise, it needs to be addictive. Addictive content pulls readers in over and over again and can generate plenty of backlinks, shares and organic traffic.”

Ooh. Suh-weet. 

But how do you create addictive content?

Venngage asked successful content marketing professionals, “What makes for good content?” and “What is your #1 SEO tactic?” They compiled answers from 46 experts into an ebook (offered here) and an infographic (below).

I was happy to be involved in the project and responded with:

“Good content is not enough. Your content needs to be great—great enough not just to garner traffic, but to win loyal subscribers. My formula’s a two-parter:

  1. Make content that solves a real problem you know potential customers grapple with.
  2. Make the experience of consuming that content fun.

We’re all misers with our time, so we tend to give it to content creators capable of educating and entertaining us.”

What is it a content marketer really wants?

Is the question above another version of “How to create content that converts?” Probably. See, I believe newbies to content marketing, especially bloggers, are overly fixated on earning traffic. Don’t get me wrong: traffic’s gold. There are a number of ways to get it. And you won’t achieve conversion without it. However, getting loyal readers—that is, consistent visitors to your website and blog—beats the hell out of traffic.

And that’s why I love the point of view in Venngage’s post, graphic and eBook.

I often say, “Your goal isn’t to get visitors; your goal is to get subscribers.”

Agree? Tweet that sucker.

Here’s a look at how all 46 of the experts responded to Venngage. After the infographic is a link to the eBook, which is worth your time. The eBook features each expert’s complete answer and is a good keepsake for your swipe/inspiration file.

Addictive content infographic Venngage


Some of may favorites follow—and I’ve made them tweetable. Click to tweet if you dig ’em too.



Get the ebook, without the need to submit an email address, here:

Venngage ebook expert tips


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Barry Feldman
Barry Feldman
  • Melanie Deardorff

    I like what you say, Barry, about part #2 of the content mix — the need for it to be fun to consume and/or entertaining. I’m getting ready to embark on a b2b content project where the topic is somewhat dry (data management consulting). I know it’ll be a challenge to make it entertaining, but I’m up for it. (The company has a compelling story and seems to be well-known in the field.) The channels we’ll focus on are the company blog, Twitter, LinkedIn and Slideshare. I’d love for you to cover part #2 in a future post, with a focus on b2b marketers who are doing this well. Or if you’ve written about this in the past, please remind me of the post. Keep up the great work on your blog — and thank you!