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Content Amplification Strategies to Reach a Larger Audience

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You’ve spoken. Loudly. Cleary. But your voice echoes off the wall. It’s not what you were hoping to hear.

You’re sure you had something of value to say. In fact, your recent masterpiece is the most helpful content you’ve ever put out. But it’s found no audience—or no audience has found it.

You, like so many other content marketers, especially those joining the content party in the 2000-and-teens years, are learning how hard it is to find an audience, to be heard, to get a response.

You need a content promotion plan

“Most people create content first, then think about content promotion as an afterthought. You’re much better off flipping this on its head – thinking of about who would help amplify your content and why. If you can’t answer this question first, don’t bother creating it.”

— Larry Kim, Founder of WordStream

Most marketers post content on their blog and then dispatch a few updates via their social media networks. If this strategy isn’t working for you (it works for very few), you need to do more.

Free eBook: Amplify Content, Turn Up Demand

Amplify Content Turn Up Demand eBookTo help you understand the many options you have for promoting and distributing your content, I’ve written an eBook, “Amplify Content, Turn Up Demand.” My friends at CoSchedule gave it an elegant design.

You just read its introduction, so you can jump right into three meaty chapters covering content promotion strategies for:

  • Paid media
    – Advertising on social media networks
    – Native advertising
    – Paid content discovery services
    – Pay-per-click
    – Retargeting
  • Earned media
    – Blogging
    – Outreach and PR
    – Social media strategies
    – SEO
  • Owned media
    – Your media properties
    – Your digital footprint
    – Employee advocacy

Free webinar too

If you have 45 minutes to invest, I’ll step you through each content promotion strategy and show you examples of them at work. This webinar was done for a BrightTALK Marketing Summit, where I present frequently.

[Here’s a selection of webinars from my BrightTALK channel.]

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